Short answer is, no. We will be happy to offer you a price range on any of our products with the right information, but products like gates, fences, and awnings can be difficult to give you an accurate price without seeing where exactly it will be installed. We want to build it right the first time, and want it fit perfect. Similarly, we want to bid it right the first time, and make sure you aren’t charged for something you don’t actually need.
Absolutely! This is generally only recommended for people who are very comfortable or experienced installing similar items. We can recommend hardware and tools to make your job easier, as well as some “how-to” tips. Worst case scenario, we would be happy to give you a bid on your product with installation.
Either! We normally recommend powder coating for overall durability and longevity, but we do offer electrostatic paint in order to match existing paint colors or colors not available in powder coat. Ask us for details in your next project!

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