Wrought Iron

Eaglewings Iron Crafts can also do decorative iron work for your homez.

All of our products are custom made just for you!

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We offer a multitude of products to serve the needs of home and business owners. Our products include, but are not limited to:

Wrought Iron Products

Eaglewings Iron Craft has designed, manufactured and installed custom wrought iron products in the state of Arizona for over 30 Years. Owner Dan Hoag began Eaglewings by building products from his home in Phoenix for neighbors and friends. Over time, clients and demand grew, leading to bigger shop space and more employees. Now, Eaglewings Iron Craft is over 5000 sq/ft with a dedicated install team, service trucks and fabricators. We gladly serve our customers with over 100 combine years of fabricating experience to bring you the best products and service in our industry. It has been our pleasure offering world class service and a small business customer service to ensure satisfaction. Our estimators work with you to determine a product to not just meet your budget needs, but also exceed your visual expectations.

We offer a multitude of products to serve the needs of home and business owners. Our products include, but are not limited to:

Custom Gates

We offer a wide variety of gate styles and designs. No opening is too large and no style too extreme. All of our designs are custom, and are not limited to “cookie cutter” designs or styles.

Our gates work perfect for small courtyard openings or large vehicle openings. Any opening can be single or double swinging panels, single or double rolling panels, bi-fold or tri-folding panels, or even more creative/architectural designs.

We specialize in matching existing design elements from other areas of a property to boost equity and resale value.

Our ability to offer durable powder coating finishes not just increase longevity, but many different colors and textures.

Want latching hardware that offers a more high-tech interface? We can accommodate almost any style of hardware to meet your lifestyle needs.

Security Screen Doors

A Security Screen Door is a great solution to allow air flow in your home while having the assurance that your home is still secure. Mounting outside of your existing door frame, allows you to make a new first impression with the entrance to your home without the high cost of replacing your front door. Designs to meet your budget or meet luxury home community requirements are all available in a wide variety of screen materials and colors. No design is too simple or too complex; we offer specialty wood accents and screens to fit the property the best. Contact us today for a free design consultation and estimate today!


Steel fence is an affordable and durable solution to creating secure outdoor spaces. Simple function or highly decorative fence panels can blend in to the environment or make a stylish statement!

Pool fences can be created and installed in various ways to reduce total linear feet needed or create less interference to accomplish your goals. Working with city ordinance is important to ensure your property inspections go seamlessly.

Do you have an outdoor space you need to contain or secure but don’t want to feel like an inmate? Custom color finishes and design enhancements can make all the difference! Whether you want your fence to blend in to the environment, or accompany an existing design element, our custom fence can complement and enhance your outdoor experience!


The benefits of having lush greenery near or attached to your home can but wonderful, but over time it can cause structural damage and risk an unsecured connection that can fail in high winds. A trellis is a simple and effective way to guide creeping plants and allow them to attach securely without damaging surfaces on your home. They have a wonderful ability to be eye catching without plant life attached or highlight the natural beauty of the attached plant life.

Durable and custom sizes meet any outdoor space. Center designs can be as intricate as your imagination. Contact us today for a free design consultation!


We offer custom cages and containers to fit many needs. A/C units can be contained to protect against theft or tampering. Custom mail and package drops to protect against porch thieves. Outdoor dog runs to allow dogs of all sizes to use the outdoors safely, without fear of larger animals or human threats. Different styles and shapes of screen and mesh can be used for security, privacy, or visual appearance. We would be happy to advise on your next project today.


A simple and beautiful way to add a rustic and modern look to any outdoor area, a Gabion can provide security as well and style. We use solid steel material to properly contain any fill material you choose and can accommodate any custom shapes or space needs.

Ornamental/Decorative Iron

Ornament iron designs can be small and simple, to very large and extravagant! Whether you want to upgrade your home’s existing designs or add addition pieces to accent new areas, we can match or improve any design. These can provide function, style or both! Rustic to modern, your imagination can run wild and we can bring it to fruition!

Window Guards

Providing security to your property is important, and a common entry point for thieves is a window. A valuable solution is steel window guards by Eaglewings Iron Craft. Window guards can be a simple design or a unique piece to meet the needs of your home or theme. Spanish, Colonial, Modern, and many more can be complimented while adding security and peace of mind.


Adding simple handrail can increase accessibility and safety without breaking the bank. Round or square tubing can be used to meet styling needs; add a cap rail to square tubing to increase comfort and visual appeal. Whether on a slope or steps, interior or exterior, any application can be met and any goal achieved.

Interior/Exterior Railing

Quality interior and exterior railing takes superior craftsmanship for a seamless appearance. Although it may serve a seemingly basic function, custom railing can really set off a proper styling or be a true centerpiece to any space. Our many years of custom fabrication techniques are the true difference between acceptable and exceptional design.

Interior/Exterior stairs

Steel stairs can cover a multitude of styling. Industrial to Spanish Victorian, any style can be replicated or redesigned to fit the needs of your space. Durability to meet the needs of the outdoors; the elegance and craftsmanship to support the interior style, mixed with the current elements of your home can create a clean, new appearance, along with increased property value.

Pedestrian Bridges

Unique walk bridges can complete an outdoor space with terrain limitations with style and longevity. Every piece is custom built to your specifications and designed with your property in mind. Simple modern designs to more extravagant scroll work, contact us today to bridge almost any distance.

Custom Cut Signs/Designs

We offer Computerized CNC Plasma cutting as a stand-alone service or to complement any of our products. Incorporating finely detailed design into any piece can add value and personal touches without breaking the bank. Hanging signs, small to large parts, and unique sculptures are just a few examples of the capability of CNC Plasma Cutting with quick turnaround times. Expedited services are also available at special request.


Specialty outdoor and patio furniture can be custom designed or recreated to make a special statement in your outdoor space. Contact us today for a free design consultation.


Recreate your favorite sculpted piece or bring your own imagination to life today! Using any variety of material, we can bring any size creation to life, and we offer installation services in the state of Arizona. We love new and interesting projects here at Eaglewings Iron Craft.


With over 35 years in business in the state of Arizona, we have had the pleasure of building many different, non-traditional projects. We have manufactured professional weight-lifting equipment, screen printing machines, custom truck bumpers, carnival games, and the list goes on and on. We build custom pieces just for you. If there is a special idea you want to hold in your hands, we specialize in making visions into a reality. No project is too big or too small, and would be happy to create something new with you.

Dedicated Local Install Team

Here at Eaglewings Iron Craft, we offer our own, in-house installation staff to service or custom creations. Unlike other fabricators that may use sub-contractors or third-party contractors to install their products, we offer certified and trusted employees to ensure proper fit, function, and satisfaction. We pride ourselves in our ability to serve our customers, and commit to your satisfaction throughout the entire purchasing process. A knowledgeable install crew means you can count on answered questions and helpful disposition while we complete your project.


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We can accommodate almost any style of hardware to meet your lifestyle needs.