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Elevated portable layouts are great for train clubs, special events, and live steam trains and if you need easier access to your layout.
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Eaglewings Portable Layouts

Single Track (per foot)
Double Track (per foot)
Triple Track (per foot)
Quadruple Track (per foot)
4 and 5 foot diameter, 90 degree
4 and 5 foot diameter, 45 degree
6 foot 6 inch diameter, 90 degree
6 foot 6 inch diameter, 45 degree
8 foot diameter, 90 degree
8 foot diameter, 45 degree
10 foot diameter, 90 degree
10 foot diameter, 45 degree
3' switch, single to double track
3' switch, double to triple track
3' switch, double to quadruple track
1 foot deep by 2 foot long shelf
2 1/2 inch by 3 foot tree and plant shelf
Inside 5 foot diameter shelf
Inside 8 foot diameter shelf
Inside 10 foot diameter shelf
Custom shelves available
Adjustable stand, straight
Adjustable stand, curved
You just bought a brand new steam locomotive a few months ago - a beautiful brass one! You couldn't wait to call Ralph and Tom to see if they could come over and enjoy the first run with you. Fortunately, they were able to clear their schedules, and you go outside to get things going. So, here you are three old farts down on your hands and knees, like a bunch of kids, getting everything ready to run on the layout.

The engine fires up just like a dream, and it doesn't even clear the first turn on the layout, when Ralph accidentally trips on some of the ballast and knocks some onto the tracks, causing the first derailment. Back down you all go, on your hands and knees, working to clear the track, and get the cars and engine back on the rails. It's not as easy getting up as it was going down, and it doesn't get easier as time goes on. So you're not as young as you used to be!

That doesn't mean you have to give up the hobby you love!

Waiting for you right now Eaglewings Iron Craft has a portable layout at just the right height - 2' or 3' high, with shelving units for dioramas, and all very easily within reach. One thing's for sure, you won't miss bending over, crawling on your hands and knees or having to clear the tracks of rocks, dirt, leaves and other debris that goes along with a ground-based layout! Eagle wings portable layouts are modular so you can keep adding as your railroad grows. From a simple loop to a complex rail yard, Eaglewings will make it happen. You're only limited by your imagination.

Look, you still have plenty of good years ahead of you, so have Eaglewings Iron Craft help you design a portable layout, so you can enjoy the hobby you love, for many more years to come.
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