Eaglewings Iron Craft

A company that is truly unique – offering custom-built, quality products that are distinctive for both style and value.

Custom Steel Fabrication

Eaglewings Iron Craft has designed, manufactured and installed custom wrought iron products in the state of Arizona for over 30 Years. Owner Dan Hoag began Eaglewings by building products from his home in Phoenix for neighbors and friends. Over time, clients and demand grew, leading to bigger shop space and more employees. Now, Eaglewings Iron Craft is over 5000 sq/ft with a dedicated install team, service trucks and fabricators. We gladly serve our customers with over 100 combine years of fabricating experience to bring you the best products and service in our industry. It has been our pleasure offering world class service and a small business customer service to ensure satisfaction. Our estimators work with you to determine a product to not just meet your budget needs, but also exceed your visual expectations.

Services Provided

Wrought Iron

Eaglewings Iron Craft has designed, manufactured and installed custom wrought iron products in the state of Arizona for over 30 Years.


Our Custom made awnings provide shade and attention grabbing designs for your residential and commercial needs.

Train Products

Whether it is a photograph of an existing bridge, or a simple sketch of a unique design of your imagination, we can build it for you.

Dedicated Local Install Team

Here at Eaglewings Iron Craft, we offer our own, in-house installation staff to service or custom creations. Unlike other fabricators that may use sub-contractors or third-party contractors to install their products, we offer certified and trusted employees to ensure proper fit, function, and satisfaction. We pride ourselves in our ability to serve our customers, and commit to your satisfaction throughout the entire purchasing process. A knowledgeable install crew means you can count on answered questions and helpful disposition while we complete your project.


Dan Hoag founded Eaglewings Iron Craft in 1983, and fabricated primarily ornamental iron and weight equipment products.  As timed passed Dan’s expertise grew into all types of custom steel fabrication.

When Awning Works opened its doors in 1995, Dan started collaborating with them on awning projects, providing the metal frames needed for specialty awnings and other custom steel fabrication needs.

Awning Works thrived and grew, and both Awning Works and Eaglewings Iron Craft benefitted from this informal partnership.  In 2009, Eaglewings Iron Craft and Awning Works proudly formalized this partnership, and both companies now operate under the auspices of Eaglewings Iron Craft, LLC.  Customers now benefit from over 60 years of combined experience, from two of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the field of custom awning and shade products.  We are licensed and insured in the state of Arizona for both Residential and Commercial Awnings.

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